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This blog post today is as the title states and am influenced to write this due to an email I have received earlier today. I am not here to bash that specific company therefore I have covered the names. I’ve always believed honesty is the best policy for any and every reviews.

Product reviews are not for talking bad about the company, it’s there as a guide for readers and to show them new products available on the market suited for them. A negative review, doesn’t mean that the product is bad overall and it doesn’t give the company a bad image. There is negativity everywhere and if a company cannot handle any criticism, they shouldn’t be in the business. I am surprised as to how this company had reacted to my criticism review of their product. The screenshot of their email is above. They had expected me to amend the review I’ve already posted which readers have read and commented on it. This is a first at which a company had reacted to one of my negative reviews.

Below is my reply:

There are plenty of reviews of this exact same product out there which I have read. Plenty that are positive, plenty that are average and plenty that are negative. None of my reviews bash the product or company. It’s my experience and wanting to share it. I am a very honest blogger (which I am known for) and I hate lying and liars. My email reply outlines what I really want to say in this blog post. There are always positive AND negative points in every product you try even if it only has one positive or negative note. Readers may or may not be influenced by my reviews but it is their choice whether they want to check out the product, the other products a company sells and the company itself.

I know there are bloggers out there who will just keep saying positive things about a product even if they hate the product just to be in the good books of companies hoping to get a lot more free products. THIS IS WRONG. People will see through this. Don’t be afraid in talking about the bad points of a product. This will help the company if they receive a lot of the same bad points and will act on it. It may feel bad in talking about the bad points, just don’t word it where it sounds like you’re actually bashing the product. You should explain why you like/dislike it as others may probably have had the same experience as you. Being honest shows your readers that you’re not biased, persuaded or anything. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

I have done some research on this particular company and there are positives and negatives reviews, at which the negatives outweighs the positives. But I shall be keeping the name of this company hidden. I appreciate the time and effort they put in for the product they had sent me for review purposes and I thank them.

What are your thoughts on being honest in product reviews? Regardless of whether they were sponsored or purchased.

37 responses to “Blogger Honesty”

  1. Susan Dougill says:

    What's the point in reviewing something if you aren't truthful! If they only accept nice it's false. I know a few companies that have stopped sending me things because I was truthful. I said a face cream smelled too strongly but then said it moisturised well and my skin felt smooth. I still didn't get anything else sent. I don't care as I would rather people knew what I was saying was the truth not what I was told to say. Good for you!

  2. Jessica says:

    I think companies should value negative reviews. They give you points to improve on, an insight on what the market wants. Plus say you review another product by the brand a little while later, you'll be a lot more inclined to believe the reviewer and purchase it!


  3. Hong says:

    Kind of shocking to read that some certain companies actually 'urge' a blogger to review their product rather positive than negative or else they'd be removed from their blogger group…
    The more I appreciate your reviews on each product you do. Besides good writing it's most important that someone reviews a product with 100% honesty. What is a review good to read for If almost everything in there is made to please their respective comapany but not the customer? Besides, skins and bodies are always different. Only because it doesn't work well for you doesn't mean that it counts for others. I mean readers of you might have realized that most of the products you review also work for them. Others may had a different experience than you when buying a reviewed product. It's only natural.
    Your reply to that company couldn't be more perfectly written. I really value your honesty and maturity on being a blogger and work on sponsered reviews! (:

    much loves,

  4. Dinesha Johnson says:

    I appreciate your honesty 110 percent! You would think a company would acknowledge and be prepared for a negative review, if they want an advertisement that specifically is all about the positive, they should go to an advertisement agency where there job is specifically to make them look good.Your honesty is so admirable and I love that you stood by your review.
    Deejay Speaks

  5. Ebony J says:

    I think they are completely out of line. They should thank you for being honest about their product this gives them a chance to improve!

  6. Helen says:

    You're spot on with this and I'm really shocked that a PR would try to be this pushy with you and make you change your review! I'm fortunate enough to get sent PR samples and luckily all of the ones I've encountered so far I have happened to really like. Like you said though, there are always positives and negatives – it's just how you word it. If I ever get sent a product I really didn't like then I'll be honest about that too and explain why professionally. I really admire how you've stuck by your review and called their own threat by choosing not to work with them in the future. Any company that threatens you in that way isn't one you should be wanting to work with anyway! xxx

  7. Martha Woods says:

    Thank you so much for your honesty! I think that PR company is very out of line. What's the point of fake reviews?

  8. teli lalas says:

    That's the real reason of "REVIEWING A PRODUCT" lol

    Pink Confessions

  9. Maja says:

    Way to go girl! I to strive to be always honest and wouldn't dare to lie about a product just to please the company who sent it to me… I'm a beauty blogger because I enjoy it and because I really love makeup, not because I want free products…

    Maja, Pink Mascara

  10. Grace says:

    I love how honest you are. I can't believe said Company actually had the audacity to ask you to amend the post to show more positives. WHAT ON EARTH?! xx

  11. Michelle / Daisybutter says:

    I had a couple of experiences like this, which is why I've amended my disclaimer now! Companies should really rethink their online marketing and SEO marketing, links are a great way for advertising but many are headed the wrong way about it. I'm super reluctant to accept samples for all the above reasons 😉 I probably accept about 15% of what I'm offered, and even then I'll only post about it if my readers will find the product relevant! xx

  12. THT Christina says:

    It's awesome to know that you stuck to what you believe how a review should be – honest. That's the whole point of a review! You made a really good point too, they should be able to handle one negative out of the many positive reviews. Props to you girl!

  13. Emily says:

    I love that you stood up for your writing! Why ask a blogger to review a product if they don't want to deal with any constructive criticism!


  14. Lulu says:

    Good on you for your integrity! It's hard to know which bloggers' opinions are genuine nowadays.

  15. Coco says:

    If they wanted a fake positive review they should have come out and said they wanted a sponsored post from the start.
    Companies are silly, honest reviews are an opportunity to get feedback and improve their product x

  16. julien says:

    Bravo! I love that you are honest and its great that you didnt succumb to company reps and compromised the quality of your reviews! If they really want to make more money they should value the feedback for what the market is asking for. Thank you for sharing this and highlighting a need to be cautious with marketing gimmicks

  17. Majorie Zoleta says:

    RESPECT~!♥♥♥ I admire your honesty ^__^

  18. Silvana Gia says:

    Thank you for your honest review! I am actually not surprised at all that the PR wanted you to change the post because quite frankly there are a million bloggers out there that will write a positive review on a really bad product just because they received the product for free or because PR pays them (sponsors the post). I do believe in being honest in all of my own reviews and I cannot imagine recommending a product to my readers when I truly feel it is not a great product! Once again thank you for your honesty!

  19. Mint Julep says:

    I have had a very bad experience with this, as I do the same as you, I state the positive and negative points in each and every product. The first time I received something for free to sample and post a review, I had many positive things to say abot it, and only one negative point. I stated it, as well as all the good points. I never once again received anything from the company in question, nor an email, nor any more offers, nothing, it was as if I had ceased existing. The second time round I was part of a testers group, I was sent a specific product to test, I did, again I posted about it stating both positive and negative points, and in this case there were certain negative points that far outweighted the positive, and I clearly said so on my review. Immediately I noticed that although I kept applying for the testing of other products in said group, I was never again chosen, and have recently been taken off of the group, without even a word about it from the admins… sad, very sad. And the group was being run by a VERY high profile cosmetics company…

  20. Julie Roo says:

    I totally respect you for being honest, and I wish more reviewing blogs were this honest. If I like a product, I say so, but I also say whats wrong or needs tweaks to make it better. Not every review should say perfect 10/10 as thats obviously a fib.

  21. Julie Roo says:

    I totally respect you for being honest, and I wish more reviewing blogs were this honest. If I like a product, I say so, but I also say whats wrong or needs tweaks to make it better. Not every review should say perfect 10/10 as thats obviously a fib.

  22. Julie Roo says:

    I totally respect you for being honest, and I wish more reviewing blogs were this honest. If I like a product, I say so, but I also say whats wrong or needs tweaks to make it better. Not every review should say perfect 10/10 as thats obviously a fib.

  23. Vivian Yuen says:

    Agree hun, people read product reviews because they WANT to know the negatives, weight them up, then decide on whether it's worth purchasing, rather than reading them for all the positive things. What's more, everyone is different, not everyone will fawn over the same product as others do. Keep it up hun, I find your reviews very insightful and most importantly, useful.

    LIVE . IN . LOVE ✞

  24. FAYE says:

    you're right with this one, I'm totally on your side. Don't EVER sacrifice your integrity just for companies.


  25. Erin Jaine says:

    This is great to see. It saddens me when I'm scrolling through BlogLovin' and I see the same reviews for just released products over and over again where they have obviously stuck to the statement the company wants them to give and just said they loved it with no pros or cons. This makes me respect you so much! Thankyou!



  26. Grace says:

    That email sent to you is so ridiculous they should be thankful that you showed both the positives and negatives ! Thank you so much for doing this post … Hopefully some companies might learn from it xx

  27. Alexandra Shook says:

    Jumped to you from the Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle Bloggers on Facebook. I can't believe the email that the company sent to you– yikes! Good for you for sticking up for yourself and being honest. I know your readers definitely appreciate it.

  28. Mez Made Up says:

    Wow I'm shocked by this! Honesty all the way 🙂


  29. Helen Gandy says:

    Excellent post and so very true, companies should appreciate the criticism to make their product even better than it is!

    Helen X


  30. Megan Hunt says:

    You definitely did right by sticking by your original post! What's the point in people checking out reviews before they buy products if bloggers aren't honest? Fabulously written post Nicol 🙂 xo

  31. Em Sheldon says:

    Oh my gosh I cannt believe someone actually emailed you saying this. I have a lot of respect for you, no one should ever expect someone to lie, I write negative posts all the time!

    Love Em x


  32. Ria says:

    Wow I can't believe a company actually said this to you! You did the right thing sticking with an honest review 🙂

    Ria x

  33. Kirsty says:

    I agree that honesty is the best policy here x

    Kirsty x Rockit Style

  34. Arra A. says:

    Great inspiring post, Nicol. We don't always have to agree. It's a review! It should be honest and state what you really felt when you were using the product. That's why it is a review. They should have taken it as something they could use to change and improve. Oh well, I hope this serves as a lesson to them and all the bloggers out there. Great job also Nicol, for not being persuaded and for making a stand!

    Style Reader

  35. Maxinne Marie says:

    I believe that bloggers have to be honest! I don't see why the company has reacted that way, when bloggers really just speak based on personal experience and opinion. What may work for someone may not work for another person, that's just the way it is with any product and companies will have to expect that. Maybe the people behind that company didn't read your disclosure policy, hehe. 🙂

  36. Rachel. says:

    Good for you for sticking to your ground! Honesty is the best policy and you shouldn't have to edit your posts! xo


  37. following your blog today. Having a great time viewing your reviews, i must agree, it's not that because we were given a product to review that we are obliged to give just the positive side.

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