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24.08.2013  Beauty·美容

Hair Extensions: The Basics

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(Please ignore the colour mismatch of these. Hair colour is fading and will match sooner or later.)


Hair extensions are the answer for everyone who wants to add volume and or length to their hair. You can get discount hair extensions if you search properly. But how do you know what type of extensions to choose from? We know that there are real and synthetic hairs but what about the different applications? Currently there are: clip in, weft, micro loop, pre bonded and tape in extensions. Quite a variety but how do you know which ones for you?

Clip In
The most popular ones are the clip in extensions. It is the most preferred method for both the stylists and home users. These are temporary and easy to apply. They have clips on the seam which grips onto your hair and can be adjusted whenever and wherever you like. It’ll only take a matter of minutes to apply them once you get use to them. These are low maintenance so if you’re lazy like me, then these are perfect! Out of all of the extensions, these are the cheapest and are the easiest without any professionals.

Weft are basically the clip in extensions but without the clips. You’re just left with the long strip of hair with the seam on top. With these, you can sew in the clips yourself. Other ways these are used is by gluing, sewing or braiding these into your hair. You probably have scary thoughts when you read sewing but it isn’t what you think. When these are glued into your hair, they can become damaging to your natural hair and cannot be easily undone without professional help. These are best if you’re looking for extensions without the fuss of having to clipping them in and out.

This is a great choice if you’re looking to just highlighting your hair or adding that wow of colour. But you can also use this for length and volume. These are strands of hair with a small ring loop which gets squeezed once your hair is threaded through the ring. Pliers are used to squeeze these. These are temporary as you can squeeze the opposite direction to open up the ring and remove the extension. Do you remember the feather extension trend last year? They use this method. This is great if you’re looking for a creative flair without any limits and are not restricted to long strips.

Similar to the micro loop but without the rings. Fusion hair strands are bonded to the natural hair with various types of adhesive such as glue, keratin etc. Pre bonded extensions already have some sort of adhesive on them and just require an application machine to soften the adhesive. These are the most discrete hair extensions around, adding length and volume and are permanent. They can last to up to 6 months depending on care. Since they’re permanent, it requires a professional to remove these otherwise you can risk damage to your natural hair. They act like your natural hair, can be cut and styled normally. As your hair grows, this can loosen the glue which means it may need to be reapplied or tightened otherwise you will moult and probably think you’re going bald if you forgot you had these in.

Tape In
Tape in is quite a new method that is taking the extension world by storm. With these, they don’t have the chunky clips, noticeable seams, dodgy gluing technique or the rings but instead, double sided tape. Not ordinary double sided tape in case you are wondering otherwise it would be the cheapest investment ever! Anyways, these are taped to the scalp and are completely flexible and see through. Depending on the quality of the tape, application and care, these can last from 4 to 8 weeks. The extensions are reusable if taken proper care, you just need to replace to tape. You’ll need a special remover to loosen the tape and remove the extensions. This is more of a semi permanent result and is lightweight.

One response to “Hair Extensions: The Basics”

  1. Sapphire Bufton says:

    Super informative post for those new to extensions!

    Microloops are definitely more suited to those just wanting a flash of colour, they didn't work at all on my thin hair. I've found clip-ins to be the most reliable!

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

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