Good Things Stop That Spot Clearing Gel

Good Things Stop That Spot Clearing Gel: £4.99*


This antibacterial clearing gel with extracts of willow bark, liquorice, papaya and acai. Such an interesting mix of ingredients especially with liquorice which is the first I’ve seen in spot products. If you don’t know this brand, this is a brand that is formulated for young, teenage skin, It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, parabens etc and is suited for vegetarians and vegans.

The gel consistency is clear, light, not thick yet not thin. Once you apply it onto the skin, it becomes a watery texture and is easily spread around your face so a little goes a long way. It is absorbed into the skin quickly and doesn’t leave a film on your skin as some spot treatments do. It also doesn’t tingle, sting or dry the skin out. In terms of fighting spots, I find it 50/50. I have noticed when it is the time of the month or my skin breaks out from being overly dry, it works. Takes a few days to a week. If it’s my normal spot breakouts, it doesn’t. It’s a gentle gel and doesn’t irritate my skin further or lead to further breakouts. Haven’t noticed it reducing the redness. It does have a strong fruity, sweet smell which I don’t mind but there is a hint of alchol scent in the background.

I’m actually quite torn as to whether to repurchase it or not. It’s not an expensive spot treatment and it will last a good while. I’ve tried this for the past month, using it day and night and still have plenty left in the tube. Might just repurchase this so I can use it at my time of the months.

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  1. Michelle Nicole says:

    I wish we had this here in Canada! Id love to try this. Although Im not sure how well my skin would work with those ingredients 😛 Cute blog btw! 🙂

  2. Miss B78 says:

    Hi, I still get breakouts (more when the weather is warm) I bought Superdrug's Blemish Gel and this is very good, a bit drying, but def works! It's not expensive either!


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