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09.03.2013  Beauty·美容


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My samples box is growing and growing. Samples are a great way of testing the products out before purchasing the full sized one. Saves a lot of money especially in this economic times. However, samples are not available for every product. Newly released products tends to have samples available as an online promotion, or can find them in magazines, purchases etc. I believe that this is a great marketing strategy. If we, the consumers, like the product, we would go out and purchase it. Not everyone is meant to like every single product. And that’s were criticism comes in. Criticism is there to influence the product itself and or future releases. Everything and everyone gets criticised. Same old same old.

I’m thinking of doing quick reviews on these samples I’ve received. Like a batch of 3-5 per post until I’ve used them all. They’ll have the usual swatches etc. To get samples, I look online like facebook where they advertise it or check emails. Can take up to 8 weeks to arrive depending on the company. You can go to department stores, beauty counters to get a sample of a foundation you’ve been eyeing up. This is great to see whether the foundation does what you want, whether it lives up to all the hype you’ve heard etc. Some give out free samples when you purchase in store or online.

What are your thoughts on samples?

7 responses to “Samples”

  1. those_rainydays says:

    Wow, there's a lot! And they're big compared to the ones I usually get ><

  2. Venn Ned says:

    Hi! I love your sample collection :). I also like trying out new stuff and I think sampling is a good way of doing so, before you decide to purchase a full size product. However I have found that I tend to postpone trying the samples and just stocking them up.

    I recently moved to Germany and until now I have not found so many options for getting samples….Is there anybody from Germany around who can tell me where to find sample products?

  3. rhaindropz says:

    i love trying first before buying the full size so i wont regret in the end =)

  4. Jhon Kenyy says:

    Hmm..this idea is great 🙂

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