First Lady Apricot Scrub Milk

First Lady Apricot Scrub Milk: £2.99 – £3.99*


This is one good body scrub, leaving my skin so soft and smooth. Since it exfoliates the dead, dry skin, body moisturisers melt in my skin and gets absorbed easily. It leaves my skin feel smooth for days after the first use. So I’d use it every other day rather than everyday. You do have to do this gently otherwise it can be a bit harsh. With other apricot scrubs, I would think that this would smell similar but it doesn’t. It has more of an almond smell. I personally don’t like it but luckily it doesn’t last. For each body part, you’ll need about 20 pence to 10 pence coin size. As it is a milk, it won’t foam up. This is a 750ml bottle at such an afforable price! I would say that a bottle would last arond 1-2 months if you contantly use it. I do recommend this.

Manufactured by First Lady
Made in France

Available online from:
www.elyseestar.com (UK SHIPPING)
www.pakcosmetics.com (WORLDWIDE SHIPPING)

For Wholesale & Trade Contact:
Sonik Products Ltd
Block C Woodside End

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2 responses to “First Lady Apricot Scrub Milk”

  1. Vivian Yuen says:

    I looove using scrubs, the Soap and Glory one smells amazing, but their range isn't cheap… this one seems really affordable!

  2. Camilla Monique says:

    thanks for reviewing it
    i love it when a scrub is a milk based. 😀

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