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The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil


The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil: £7.00


I always use this when I have a cluster of spots together and around my face. To apply this, I apply it on to a cotton pad then pat it onto my spot areas. Always use this after moisturising. I did notice that it is small and expensive but in my eyes, it’s worth it as it does wonders for me. I’m not too keen on the packaging as I do have to shake it to get some out. When there’s a little bit left, I have to shake it vigorously.

The downside to this would be the smell putting people off. I’m don’t mind the smell as I don’t think it’s as strong as other tea tree oils as it contains 15% of the oil. Maybe because I’m use to the smell but I remember first time using it, it wasn’t too bad. It didn’t sting on my skin but it will when I have open spot wounds. This gets absorbed easily and doesn’t leave any oily residue or made my skin more oily, which means I can use this morning and night. I use it everyday, morning and night in conjunction with the Body Shop tea tree foam facial foaming cleanser, therefore a whole bottle lasts a month for me.

A friend had used this on his spots but it was harsh since he had sensitive skin too. One of the ingredients does have the word alcohol in it, maybe that’s why. If you have sensitive or dry skin, I wouldn’t recommend it. I did use it when I had a dry face period, it stung so much, so do step away. For me personally with oily skin, it’s great. Spots takes a few days to heal and disappear. Keeps the spots under control as it also has an antibacterial property. I’ll always repurchase this no matter what.

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2 responses to “The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil”

  1. Junjun says:

    I actually have fairly sensitive skin, but it's only harsh on the first application. c: It works wonders though~ :'D I always use it when I feel a breakout coming. *A*

  2. Diana says:

    I already this and it's amazing <3
    I really want to get another one. For SOS treatment is amazing!

    I really love this line. The poreminimizer is also amazing.


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