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SHF False Eyelashes – Style 0025


SHF False Eyelashes – Style 0025: £7.68*



Thick and glam are two words to describe this. These will make your eyes stand out as it is thick, long and volumous. The added extra rhinestones on the lashes gives it some glam and bling. The style of these whisp to the side where outer is longer, therefore emphasising the eye shape more rather than giving you the dolly eyed look. Because of the lashes design, there is a band to keep the lashes together and stable. It is a nice thin band, flexible to allow you to loosen the band. As with all falsies, you do have to cut them to size. These fit perfectly on my eye so i do not require any trimmings. The ends didn’t poke into me. A big plus for me as i do find many eyelashes I’ve tried poked and irritated the area even after cutting. These aren’t suited for the day look unless you are into the natural as I have seen some ladies with dramatic lashes in the day. These go great with a smokey eye look for the night, for any occasion even if it’s just for a night out. You can reuse these easily and will last you a while since you won’t wear them often.

The glue that comes with these, it was hard to pierce. After a “gruelling” 5 minutes of trying to pierce it, it was finally done. To be honest, I don’t have high expectations with glue that comes with any lashes. I tried it and it was ok, not the best, not the worst. It is a clear glue so it will dry clear.

Overall, these are good quality lashes and are my first pair of this style. There are a lot of different styles from this range to suit any day to night looks or occasions. You can purchase them at

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3 responses to “SHF False Eyelashes – Style 0025”

  1. neeyd says:

    It is a different type of eyelashes indeed! But still very good looking ^-^

  2. Keyta Hawkins says:

    These lashes are so pretty.

    – Keyta

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