Rose Mae Jewellery by Lisa Hetherington

Skull star earrings*; Silver skull bracelets*; Skull and dragonfly bracelet set*; Star bracelet; Heart lilac bracelet*;

The jewellery in real life is more beautiful than in pictures. Tried my best to capture the beauty of these. To be honest, I am really speechless. These are beautifully and intricately designed and made. With her bracelets, everything goes together, meaning you can mix and match (pictured above, bottom right) without having to worry whether they go together or not. These can easily brighten an outfit alone. When I had received this, I was excited with the packaging alone, even the little things like this excite me. Lovely packaging, beautiful jewellery, just exquisite overall!

Rose Mae Jewellery is design and made by Lisa Hetherington, an independent jewellery designer from the North East of England. She creates a wide range of unique jewellery using semi precious stones, glass and plated metals. All her jewellery are made in the UK.

Facebook: Rose Mae Jewellery (she uploads frequently of new additions to her collection so do join her facebook to get the latest updates!)
Twitter: Rosemaejewel1
Enquiries? Her e-mail: [email protected]
Website: Coming soon! Watch this space!

Her jewellery is available to purchase in the following boutiques:
Have to Love – Newcastle upon Tyne (stock a lot of her jewellery and can purchase online)
Elan – Darlington, County Durham
Sorella – County Durham
Silverpot – Market Harborough ([email protected])
Gwyneth & Grey – Guernsey
Beauty at the Gosforth Park – Newcastle Upon Tyne

If you are in those areas, living or visiting, visit the boutiques to purchase these beautiful jewellery. Below is an image of more her designs (click to enlarge):

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  1. takı says:

    so nice wristbant

  2. Anonymous says:

    thanks for share...

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