Candy Doll Lipgloss in Strawberry Milk

Candy Doll Lipgloss in Strawberry Milk: $118HKD (£9.45)


Was excited to try this product out! I think being surrounded by products had overwhelmed the choice of shade I had picked. But then again, I always choose light pinks. It is stated as a nude beige pink with glitter. Has a pink shimmer with blue undertones. I could tell that this was going to be a sheer application so didn’t really have very high hopes for this.

First of all, this product is sticky. Taking the wand out, I could feel it being sticky and I can feel how sticky this was when applied. Wasn’t a lovely feeling as the texture was quite thick. I had to wipe it off immediately. Lips still feel a bit sticky now after removing it. Disappointed. I was correct, this was a sheer gloss on my pigmented lips. Not much pigment but does give a lovely shine. Not a super glossy shine, enough for my liking. The swatch above does show a pigmented milky pink shade but when it’s spread, it is quite sheer. I think to make the most out of this, it’s best applied over any pink lipstick or a nude lip to get a nude pink lip. There’s a weird smell, like the common unscented lipgloss scent if that made any sense.

The packaging is really cute though! For that price, I would say it is a tad on the expensive price since this didn’t live up to all the hype. I wouldn’t purchase this again.

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5 responses to “Candy Doll Lipgloss in Strawberry Milk”

  1. Danitza Galvez says:

    It's a shame it did not work well u_u I hope you find a good use for it ^^and yes, the packaging is beautiful but for the price, and what you say this does not encourage me to buy it (besides that it is very difficult to get it where I live u.u)
    Have a pretty day Nicol!(^ω^)ノ゛

  2. Diana says:

    oh, it has a cute color, but sticky lipglosses aren't fun :< Have you tried the ones from Etude House and Maybelline?

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