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Purederm Dark Circle Reducer Eye Patches


Purederm Dark Circle Reducer Eye Patches: £4.99



Purchased this in Log-On in Hong Kong. Can’t remember how much but I have seen this in Body Care for around £3-4 a box. Reducing dark eye circles are the reason I have purchased this. I didn’t really have high hopes for this but it is worth a try! In each box, there are 4-6 packets (can’t remember). And in each packet, there is a pair of eye masks. It’s like a cotton pad with the treatment on one side. The cotton pad isn’t drenched in treatment and doesn’t drip when applied.

I’ve used it all up by using one treatment a week. Must say, it doesn’t really do the job in reducing my dark eye circles. However, I do like the cool feeling it has once this is applied onto the eye area and adheres well. The cooling sensation slightly helps with de-puffing the eye area but the cooling feeling doesn’t last long. Only a few minutes. These are left on for half an hour or overnight for 6 hours. I tried it overnight but it’s disappeared when I wake up as I have the tendency to unintentional rub my eyes while I sleep. When the timing is up, you can easily remove this without tugging the sensitive eye area. The eye area feels smoother and that’s about it. There is a little bit of residue left but it will be absorbed. There is a sunflower oil smell if you put your nose next to it but generally, there is no scent.

To be honest, I wouldn’t purchase this again. The road in searching for the best product in reducing dark under-eye circles still continues.

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3 responses to “Purederm Dark Circle Reducer Eye Patches”

  1. ❥anyajang★ says:

    i think i saw it somewhere before.. thanks for the review, wont buy it!

  2. Jenny Austria says:

    its hard to find product that reduces your baggy~ hope you find the one 🙂 i really want to reduce mine as well >.<


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