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My Makeup Preferences


This is a post to see what I look for in makeup when purchasing and what shades I always tend to go for. Just gives a general idea of my makeup collection as I always tend to go for the same items. However I do try out makeup that are beyond my preferences just to try it out and review it for you guys. I have split this up into sections as to the products I use the most.


This is a main canvas for the other items to adhere to. In foundations, I always look for oil free ones since I have oily skin and am prone to spots. These days, I wear medium to full coverage matte foundation. I’ve never actually bought a non matte foundation as I’m always afraid of the oil eating the foundation and become more of a grease ball. I have a light fair yellow undertone but not too yellow like some people can be. Foundations that oxidise are a big no no. I have realised that many yellow underton foundations do have an orange tint so it’ll look orange on me. It is hard to find exact matches.


I’ve always used powder shadows as compared to creams. Oily eyelids are the problem. To be honest, I only own powder ones, and one creamy stick eyeshadow. Palettes are the way to go mainly for travel storage as I do travel around the country often. I always carry a palette on my travels thats suited for both day and night looks. I do own the 120 eyeshadow palette, however it is too big for me to carry in my travel bag. When I purchase eyeshadows, single or palette, I always go for neutrals, corals, golds, corals and black. Matte, frost and shimmer eyeshadows. I stay from eyeshadows that had large glitter particles.


Blackest black is what I look for. Opaque black. It is really hard for me to find the perfect eyeliner that won’t be smudged by my oily eyelids within a few hours. Very long lasting eyeliner, one that will not budge or lose the fight again the oils or tears. Needs to be quick drying too. I don’t really have the time to redo my eyeliner during the day. I want it to look fresh like when I first apply it. I don’t ask for much for an eyeliner do I?


I wear false eyelashes everyday. It doesn’t take me long to apply them since I’ve have practice. To be honest, it’s quicker than using mascara. I always look for criss cross lashes. I always find that they give you get better volume as compared to the other designs. Length wise, long but not too long? I guess long differs to everyone. I prefer the middle long and as it goes towards the ends, it shortens. This gives me an open, awake eyed look. And they have to be black too.


I always stay away from dolly pink shades. I’m not too keen on the doll, cutesy look. I prefere shimmer blushes to give me that glow especially if I have a matte face. If I just kept adding matte products onto my face, I think it’ll look chalky and that isn’t a good look. Again with the shimmer, it has to be finely milled and doesn’t leave glitter particles on my face. Peach, corals, warm pinks are the ones I go for. As with bronzers, I like to use them as contours. Still looking for the perfect one.


Creamy, semi matte, non-drying and pigmented. I hate lipsticks that gives off a sheer outcome. I have pigmented lips and sheer lipticks never seem to show any pigments on my lips and that makes me think waste of money. Not too fond of shimmer and frosty types too. They don’t suit me. I’ve always been looking for pinks. Light pink, baby pink, nude pink. I’m not really daring enough to wear brighter lipsticks as I think red lipstick makes me look like a bad transvestite. Think I will have to experiment with different colour lipsticks. The more I see others wearing red, plum, coral etc, I want to try it.

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