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Mini Autumn Haul

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Skirt: New Look £12.99; Lace Skirt: Forever 21 free;

I am no on a shopping ban! Need to save up for a holiday next year so no more spending till then. It is going to be so hard! See how long I’ll last. I am absolutely loving this Autumns trend, oxblood red. Couldn’t resist purchasing the two oxblood red items. I needed a knitted top and wanted a new skirt. Oh if you’re wondering how I got the lace skirt free, Forever 21 had a buy one get one free on sale items online. So cheapest is free. The dress has a lovely cut out in the back. It’s a bit long but I’ll think of something. Had also purchased 2 bras in the buy one get one free which is not purchased.

What do you think of the oxblood/wine/berry/burgundy red trend?

One response to “Mini Autumn Haul”

  1. Jing-Jing says:

    I am in LOVE with the burgundy trend because it's one of my favourite colours to wear! Got some short, jumpers and planning to get a dress in the colour hehee
    I heard about Forever21's sale and ordered from them too! Got a blazer and some heels for under £17 including shipping 😀 😀
    Sooooo jealous about that New Look skirt! I saw it and was in love but couldn't get it at the time. Went back another day and they didn't have my size. Now they don't even seem to stock them in my store anymore *heartbroken*

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