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VO5 Hot Oil Deep Nourishing Elixir


“VO5 has created Deep Nourishing Hot Oil an intensive pre-shampoo treatment infused with a blend of 5 vital oils & Cashmere Keratin extracts to strengthen & nourish hair.

To counteract the damage this may cause, VO5 Hot Oil Deep Nourishing uses the power of heat and penetrates deeply within the hair to:
– Reduces breakage from brushing & heat styling by up to 60%
– Protect the vibrancy of colour-treated hair with a UV filter
– Seek out & bind to weak sites of every strand
– Remove 75% more chlorine than shampooing alone”

VO5 Hot Oil Deep Nourishing Elixir: £4.29


To use this, you put this in a cup of hot water to heat the contents up then massage it into wet hair before shampooing and leave for a minute, no longer than a minute. The oil does heat up to the point your scalp can be irritated. Wait for it to be warm to use first. First thing first, I want to say make sure this product is on your hair and not your scalp! Your scalp will feel tight, dry and be flakey after washing this product off. Disgusting I know. Scalp was flaking for a week. First time using this product. Not a good first impression.

The aftermath isn’t what I had expected. My hair condition is slightly colour damaged from all the bleaching and dying this year but still in a healthly condition. Ends are a bit dry though. Then again, I need a haircut. Hair felt greasy after it’s been washed out and had weighed it down. Something I do not want, having thin and fine hair. I feel like you can’t really tell if the oil is fully washed out due to the nature of oil and water not mixing together. Made my ends dryer than normal. Wouldn’t really purchase this again. How disappointing.

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5 responses to “VO5 Hot Oil Deep Nourishing Elixir”

  1. Beauty on a College budget says:

    Thank god you reviewed this before I actually went out and bought it! Thanks for helping me save a few bucks

  2. Andeerooo! says:

    go get some virgin coconut oil. plenty of nutrients. it's one of the better oils to use on your hair and skin. i'm also curious to know what shampoo/conditioner you're using. :3

  3. Ari ♡ says:

    I tried this too and it didn't make much of a difference at all for me either. My ends we're still kind of dry…

  4. Sapphire says:

    My mom uses the regular hot oils and tried to get me to start too, but they really didn't work for me! I'm glad someone else agrees, it just made my hair greasy at the roots and dry at the ends >.<

    ♥ Sapphire

  5. Joey says:

    Thanks for the review! Too bad it didn't really work, though. A flakey scalp is definitely not a good look

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