Marie Beauty Transparent Eye Cream False Eyelashes Glue

Marie Beauty Transparent Eye Cream False Eyelashes Glue: £2.89


Had bought this the same time as my other eyelash glue. This one isn’t as good. The consistency is more of a gel than a cream as stated on the packaging. Using this is quite messy. As you take the brush out, it has a stringy consistency if that makes sense? Like wispy, weblike string comes out the tube. Hard to explain. It’s quite hard to apply onto the lashes and takes a while to dry. Didn’t last long once dried. If you didn’t use water to remove the lashes and just peeled it, it feels like it peels a bit of your skin along with it. I wouldn’t recommend this in general. Short review as there is nothing else to really say about this.

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  1. Amakura Reika says:

    Thanks still for the review! I was thinking of buying it. I think you saved me from this. 🙂

  2. saba rehman says:

    Thank you telling us its looking so good,
    Chinese Eye Cream

  3. TimTrory says:

    Very Very informative article.I definitely recommend this as
    Best Eye Cream product and I share as much as I can.

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