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Split Ends


I had saw this on Pretty and Cute’s Facebook page and thought I’d share it with you. There are different types of split ends (click image to enlarge):

Here is another split end chart that I had found on Google (click image to enlarge):

I never knew that there were names for the different types of split ends.

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4 responses to “Split Ends”

  1. Keyta Hawkins says:

    This is fascinating! I never knew this either.
    – Keyta x

  2. Eve says:

    LOLOL i didn't know either! I thought they were just all split ends

  3. 3H7 says:

    The things you learn… now to miraculously get rid of them without cutting them off would be good too.

  4. KrazzyKi says:

    heheheh…this is funny..they have names too 😛

    The Sweet Life

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