Bubble and Squeak Body Butter in Shea Bliss

Who are Bubble and Squeak?
Bubble and Squeak are a London based company who sells a mixture of beauty products from bath bombs to body butters and lip balms with a mix of organic, fairly-traded and natural products. The name Bubble and Squeak is unique, different and symbolises Britain as it is also the name of a British dish.

They believe are products are the young this means we are perfect for anyone with a family to the over twenties. All of the products we make are Handmade. They always try to source Organic and Fairly-Traded ingredients. They are 110% against animal testing and will never change. All products are produced in the UK, London.

“This is one of our number one top sellers, with its creamy sweet aroma of coconuts and moisturizing qualities it will make you dream of a hot sunny beach in the Caribbean’s.”

Bubble and Squeak Body Butter in Shea Bliss



Overall Rating:

Review: The first impression on this moisturiser was how strong the coconut scent was. It was slightly off putting since I am not a fan of coconut. After using it a few times, the coconut scent “died” on me and the smell now reminds me of coconut flakes with a weird scent. Can’t seem to put my finger on what this weird scent is. I would say it’s more like a generic paste smell if that makes any sense? Hard to describe. It the same when you apply it to the skin. The coconut smell disappears and you’re left with this pastey smell. It isn’t long lasting whatsoever.

I personally do not like the texture of this. It is a solid, more pastey. When you run your fingers over it, it is smooth. I guess the warmth of the skin warms the solid to a slightly more liquid texture. However, you will require a a bit more pressure to get the product out to use. This is hard to rub into the skin and it doesn’t sink in fast. It doesn’t get absorbed easily and it leaves a sticky, oily feel on the skin. It’s like there is a layer of this since it doesn’t get absorbed easily. When rubbing the product in, it gets clumpy sometimes and you need to add more pressure to rub it in. While rubbing it in, I’ve noticed that it become flakey and requires more effort to rub in which I dislike. The next day, skin isn’t soft, just normal. Maybe the product had transfered onto my clothing. Who knows?

The packaging and design is cheap but safe. For 200ml, this is priced at £5.99. For a handmade, organic and natural products, it is worth it but it is still a bit expensive for the overall feel of this product. I am not going to compare this to other body butters, mainly because of the texture as it wouldn’t really be fair. I wouldn’t really recommend this product.

You can get a free bath bomb or lip balm when they spend over £35 and get free delivery when you spend over £25.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes and as always, reviewed with honesty.

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3 responses to “Bubble and Squeak Body Butter in Shea Bliss”

  1. Eve says:

    Ew. Sounds gross. Nice review though! I'm sure they just have to adjust the formulation 🙂

  2. Sapphire says:

    I like the fact they're organic and against animal testing, but that seriously sounds gross D: Don't think i'll be trying it anytime soon!

  3. Eyebag says:

    The bubble and squeak body butter is shown on the post here. Read to know more

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