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Last Minute Gradball Shopping


Last Thursday was the ball and I went shopping for a clutch and shoes on the Wednesday. It was a hassle since I was very fussy. In the end, I could only find heels and no clutch. The clutch I wanted, the store didn’t stock them anymore so I had to use one of my bags and convert it into a clutch. Had also bought some earrings. :D.

Earrings from New Look (£3.99)

Earcuff from New Look (£3.99 but got it free since it was buy one jewellery, get one free)

Wearing the earrings as posted on my Instagram:

Fashion tape from Debenhams (£5)

Gel foot cushion from Boots (£3.49)

Nude heels from New Look (£19)

Nail polish remover pads from Boots (£1.50)

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6 responses to “Last Minute Gradball Shopping”

  1. tekashi says:

    I was looking for some nude heels, and those are very nice. 🙂

  2. Dewaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    Love the feather earrings! They make me think of maxi dresses for some reason (compliment though!) haha



  3. Eve says:

    OMG i love nude heels!

  4. hihihi! says:

    Awesome, I can;t beleive all that stuff was so cheap! 😉 At our proms people spend like $300 on a dress in canada 😉

  5. Ivy says:

    Love all the earring you got… and I love 'buy one get one free' offers too! 😛

  6. KrazzyKi says:

    Amazing haul 🙂 Lovin the heels <3
    The Sweet Life

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