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Eyeko Fat Eye Stick in Black


Left: 1 stroke, Right: 2 strokes.

Eyeko Fat Eye Stick in Black
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Had received this in the Carmine Beauty Box in January and have been using this for a while now. It retails at £10 ($15) each and has a range of 6 colours.

I have started to use this to create my smokey eye look. The main positive of this product is the pigmentation. This gives a very black outcome with one stroke, near enough blackest black. With 2 stokes, you can see that it is blackest black. It gives a glossy finish which may not be to everyones’ taste. I had found this product hard to blend and can be very messy when applying as it can get into other areas of the eyelid. The positive of this is that it is great for smokey eyes and will emphasise them but using it is hard. It has a creamy formula to ensure that this product glides on easily. It had swatched effortlessly however, it tugs onto my eyelids on application. This would be extremely hard to use as an eyeliner so I wouldn’t recommend it. Sometimes at the end of the night, I find bits of it on my bottom eyelid making me look slightly like a panda. Not sure if it was from the eye stick or not.

The thing I dislike about this product is the feel, the consistency of this product when applied. I have found it a bit oily, greasy for my liking especially with my oily eyelids. This product can transfer onto the area above my crease. In order to solve this issue, I had to set it with eyeshadow meaning it will last a lot longer. I did found that it lasts a good 8 hours or more if the eyeshadow was applied on top. I wouldn’t personally know how long it’ll last without the eyeshadow as I have set the eye stick from the first application, hating the oil feeling. Having it swatched on my hand, it didn’t last long afterwards because of the ingredients that helped create this creamy consistency. It didn’t set.

On a positive note, the packaging for this is superb. Looks amazing. It has a wind up and down mechanism so you can get more or less product. So you don’t need to sharpen this.

To be honest, I don’t think this product is worth £10. I would not purchase this. For Eyeko, it is pretty expensive but they have changed their whole concept to a more mature look and their products are more pricey. They have discontinued the popular and old products and now have released new products.

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2 responses to “Eyeko Fat Eye Stick in Black”

  1. Angie says:

    what a cute chubby stick! the pigmentation is amazing. it's annoying that you have to set it though ugh. it does seem nice for smokey eyes 🙂

    pandaphilia style

  2. THT Christina says:

    I love it! It's so fat and the color is really black too!

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