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NYC Sun to Sun Bronzer in Terracotta Tan


NYC Sun to Sun Bronzer in Terracotta Tan
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Review: This bronzer was to replace my beloved Too Faced bronzer in Sun Bunny. I wanted a bronzer that would enable me to contour and at the time, this had fit the criteria and I was in a rush to get a new bronzer. First of all, this bronzer has two shades to highlight and contour the cheeks and from looking at the picture, you know which shade is for which. Had purchased this from Superdrug for £2.99 which was on sale at the time. Original price is £4.99. This will not break the bank.

When I first swatched this, I was like wow, it’s pigmented! The light shade is absolutely gorgeous. With this product, a little goes a long way especially with the dark shade. Too much of this and you will look like a clown with an orange tan (like me in the picture above). This had red/orange undertones which may not be to everyone’s taset. I use my Sigma kabuki brush. As this brush is black, I am able to see how much product is on the brush. A light sweep of this bronzer and it is enough to use on both cheeks. Using a less dense brush wil give you better results as the type of brush you use will affect the results. If you have too much product on your cheeks, you can always lightly go over with a powder to lighten it. When this product is buffed into the skin, it gives you a nice, subtle glow (look at the picture of me in the sidebar). You don’t have to use both shades making it a flexible product. This product is shimmery but not noticeable. Even though it is a bit shimmery, it doesn’t contain any large glitter particles, just microshimmer. Don’t purchase this if you want matte bronzers.

This product also absorbs oil which is a plus! My cheeks to get a little to oily after 5 hours. But no product can control oil 100%. This product is easy to blend. I have used this product in my everyday make up. This lasts from morning to night. When I wipe my make up off, you can see the bronzer on the make up wipe. This has amazing lasting power. This is good quality and didn’t break me out. The packaging is ok. After using this for 3 month now, I haven’t had any problems with fall out or the packaging breaking so far. The packaging is cheap but the product is good. You get a good amount of product that will last you months. It looks like I haven’t touched the product. I do recommend this.

I would say that this product is a dupe for the Too Faced Bronzer in Sun Bunny. The quality of this differs to the Too Faced bronzer but you get what you pay for. There are other shades that I am wanting to purchase especially Bronze Gold.

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4 responses to “NYC Sun to Sun Bronzer in Terracotta Tan”

  1. THT Christina says:

    Although it is a bronze color it somehow has a pink tint? I quite like it!

  2. CookieCat says:

    the bronzer looks so cute 😀 on the picture it looks almost like a blush 😀

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