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MUA Liquid Waterproof Eyeliner


Purchased this eyeliner back in January and now here is my review after using it a few months.

MUA Liquid Waterproof Eyeliner
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Review: After finding out that my HG eyeliner is now discontinued (WHY GOSH WHY?!!!!!), I had to go on the look out for a new eyeliner which is a chore. I had decided to purchase this eyeliner as not only it was very affordable, but I have used their other products before. For £1, you can’t go wrong with it. Doesn’t break the bank.

Purchased this in waterproof rather than the original version as my eyes do water easily especially since it is hayfever season and I also have the dreaded oily lids. I apply this in the morning and at the end of the day, most of the eyeliner is in tact and still there, mainly on the eyelid. However, since I line my inner corner, this had disapperead at the end of the day. It did start to disappear after a few hours. I also wing my eyeliner and line my bottom lashes. Both ended up being smudged, crumble or disappear at the end of the day. Silly oily eyelids. The only survivor is the upper eyelid that had survived throughout the day. It can be easily removed with make up remover.

Application wise, the brush is stiff yet flexible when using. You are able to create very thin lines to very thick lines. You can build the precision of the line. That’s what is great about this eyeliner. You can vary the thickness while applying. I use the tip of the brush to create a very thin line on my lower lashes. Successful yet can be a wee bit painful at first, as it is poking and dragging the skin. Practice makes perfect.

This is pigmented. Dries a satin finish but requires more than one coat to give it a very opaque look. The liquid consistency is more on the runny side which I dislike. I prefer liners to be a bit thicker as I can control it more and more experienced in that area. Has a fast drying time which is a plus.

Overall, for £1, you cannot go wrong! I all honesty, I would repurchase this again if I haven’t found my new HG liner. I’m still on the look out for a new HG liner especially since I’m going to Hong Kong for the summer and will need something that will deter humidity, sweat, oil, basically the whole works.

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4 responses to “MUA Liquid Waterproof Eyeliner”

  1. THT Christina says:

    Thanks for the review! Although I am scared of waterproof products xD
    Aww hayfever season must suck! I don't have allergies but I know many who do and I can tell how horrible it is 🙁

  2. julien says:

    what's your hg liner?? im running out of revlon colorstay and im looking for something new to try 🙂

  3. julien says:

    oh wait, i cant get it cus its discontinued LOL oops

  4. Anonymous says:

    Have just bought MUA waterproof liner, didnt realise they did one, after enjoying their non-waterproof one for a few years.. cannot rate this product enough.. £1..it stays on, does the job great and removes easily. Don't think I could get a better deal anywhere else so staying with MUA waterproof now!

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