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Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream


I had purchased this bb cream in 20ml in shade 21:

Left: Without BB cream, Right: With BB cream:

Please excuse my eyelid. I can’t wear any make up due to an eyelid irritation on both eyes so only applied from below the eye.
Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream
Oil Control:

Long Lasting:   
Ease of Application:  


Overall Rating:   

Review: Bought this off eBay for around £6 and was shipped directly from South Korea. The price isn’t that bad as you pay double for one and a half more for the full size one (50ml). But this is great to test out the BB cream before you purchase a full size one.

The main criteria I look for in a BB cream and foundation is the coverage and oil control. The oil control is about average. Started to get oily after 3-4 hours. If I haven’t blotted, more oil will seep through in less than an hour. I have noticed that the when I blot, some of the BB cream transfers therefore not being long lasting. I’d say that the lasting power is average again. Lasts around 5 hours. If I wear it all day and remove the BB cream at night, I’ll only have traces of it left as my make up wipes would be mostly white.

It has a thick consistency. When you think thick, you think very good coverage, like semi full to full coverage. This gave a medium to semi full coverage which is what I like. Still didn’t really cover my dark under eye circle but I don’t mind using concealer. Covered the redness on my skin and the spots that are starting to come through. You have to be careful though as to how much you apply because of the consistency. Too much and it’ll look cakey. Didn’t apply as smooth as I liked but it was workable. I could feel how heavy this BB cream is on my skin. I can feel it sitting on my skin. Didn’t feel natural. When applied, it had a grey undertone to it which you probably can see on the after picture and made me look a bit washed out. I did notice that it had accentuate the dry areas of my skin so this is a big no no if you have dry skin! Stay away from it. Does have a perfumey scent which some people will dislike and may irritate those who have sensitive yet oily skin.

The positive points about this BB cream is the selection of shades and the SPF content. It comes in a selection of 3 shades, no. 13, 21 and 23. This may not sound a lot but other BB creams doesn’t have any. The BB cream will slightly oxidise to match your skin colour. It also has SPF 42 which is a plus. This 20ml packaging is travel size and won’t take up room in your bag. It’s also squeezes the BB cream out therefore hygienic and you can control the amount it squeezes out.

Overall, it is an ok product. Will probably try and use it more to see if I begin to like it more and more especially in this current beautiful weather.

Have you tried it? What are your thoughts?

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16 responses to “Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream”

  1. Joanne says:


    I use the exact same BB cream and love it. It's not too thick and I feel like my skin can still breathe. 🙂

    Just wnted to comment and say that i have the exact same eyelid irritation as you!! Any ideas on how to get rid of it?

    • nicolyl says:

      its annoying right?! atm i moisturise my eyes normally with eye cream. its working but not anymore. so i'm going to try a cleaning solution which is 1 part baby shampoo and 10 parts water.

    • Joanne says:

      Yes! It pisses me off soooo much, I think my eye might be allergic to makeup or something. I've had it for 2 weeks, it went away, and now it's back after I put eyeliner/mascara on. 🙁

      Does yours itch and burn? The Doctor prescribed me some ointment but it's def not working! Darn it!!

    • nicolyl says:

      mine does itch and i have to resist scratching it. if i scratch it, the skin peels and burns ><" try this, it works:
      1. Apply a warm compress (a cloth or cotton wool warmed with hot water) to your closed eyelids for five to ten minutes.
      2. Gently rub the compress over your closed eyelids for two to three minutes, then repeat. This will help loosen any crusting.
      3. Use a cloth or cotton bud with warm water and a small amount of cleaning solution (see below), and gently rub the edge of your eyelids to clean them.
      4. Always use a mirror when cleaning your eyelids to prevent any possible damage to your eyes.
      5. Carry out these steps twice a day at first, then once a day when your symptoms have improved.
      6. Do not wear eye make-up, particularly eyeliner and mascara, as this can make your symptoms worse. If you have to wear eyeliner, make sure that it washes off easily.

      cleansing solution:
      a small amount of baby shampoo (1 part baby shampoo to 10 parts warm water)

      just need to be patient and try not to touch the area around the eye. mine has improved and i do it everyday once a day now. its like a normal routine for me

    • Joanne says:

      Ohh, thanks so much for that! I have been using hot compresses for a while now and they help temporarily! I added some salt and it seemed to do the trick for a few days.

      I haven't tried the cleaning solution so will try that too, thanks!

      Have you been able to wear makeup now?

    • nicolyl says:

      yes i have. but i have to be careful when removing the make up. need to rub gently and not rub there often. im still using the solution and i get paranoid now lol

  2. Amyboo says:

    This was the first BB cream I tried and I loves it to death! 😀 The coverage is pretty good for my skin, but the lasting power isn't any good by itself! I give it some time to oxidize and then it looks fine. ^_^
    Keep searching for a BB cream that you like and then share! 🙂 I'm looking for new ones myself.

  3. THT Christina says:

    All I know is that many like missha's bb creams! But I can't judge it yet since I never tried it 🙁 one day.. one day haha

  4. Yin says:

    I agree with the dry skin thing. I had the same problem, it's definitely okay for summer weather but BUNG it away during autumn and winter 🙂

    Although I heard the missha watery one is less dry? Maybe you should try that one 🙂

    I've stopped using BB creams, I found the Korean ones too grey for my skintone (I'm quite pale, I end up looking like edward cullen….) I still haven't got round to trying the Japanese ones so I'm on the tinted moisturiser. 🙂

    • nicolyl says:

      ive tried watery bb creams and they dont last because of my oily skin. some did still accentuate the dryness :/ not going to buy anymore till i'm in hk this summer lol

  5. Eden-Avalon says:

    I also have this BB cream and it's my favorite…but I still don't like it much.

  6. Anonymous says:

    nice opinion

  7. Anonymous says:

    can u buy this in uk? and if so where? i've been trying to find etude's bb cream here i know i can buy it online but i wanna be able to try the product is real life so i know if its the right one for my skin tone

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