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28.03.2012  Beauty·美容

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone Correcting Shampoo

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Since I’ve dyed my hair blonde, The hair had slightly be more on the golden yellow side and a bit brassy after a month. So I had researched into what product and had saw this product on the shelf. Here is what it claims to do:
“- The formula, containing Color-Correcting Technology, neutralizes brassy and yellow tones.
– The formula, containing Optical Brightening Technology, absorbs UV light and emits white-blue light, making color-treated hair appear brighter and salon-fresh.
– Results are noticeable after just 3 uses.
– For all shades of color-treated or highlighted blonde hair”.

I don’t have any before or after pictures unfortunately. In all honesty, the hair colour looked great on me. It had suited my skin tone but wanted to make the hair less brassy. I have bleached my hair again last week because of my roots therefore being more blonder. Another reason I don’t have before and after photos, therefore I’m speaking out from experience.

John Freida Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone Correcting Shampoo

Overall Rating: 

Review: Had purchased this from Superdrug for £5.79. My first impression was “WOW! The shampoo is purple/violet! And it shimmers!!!”. Lol. Even my friends was the same. I used this about twice a week since I had purchased this and that I wash my hair every other day. The product states that it is effective after 3 uses. I saw results after 4 uses. It wasn’t a big change. I could see the hair calming down and becoming less brassy however the yellow tones were still there. It didn’t lather up well. I don’t use this often as I found that it had made my scalp feel tight? Like it has stripped the scalp from all the natural oils etc. The tightness had lasted all day therefore I only use this every now and again. This slows the treatment down, however I’m not really bothered about it. As I had stated earlier, I liked that colour and the golden tones had complimented my skin tone as I’m more of a neutral undertone rather than yellow.

The days I use this shampoo, I use my regular conditioner along with it. It stated that using the counterpart condition would give better results, however, I’m not in a rush to get the results fast. I’m more of a gradual change, yet blonde wasn’t really gradual. I’m not too keen on the smell. It gives me the same feeling when the hairspray goes up my nose. I can’t really describe the smell. I think it’s suppose to smell like lavender? The smell lasts a while and I can’t stand it.

After using it, the condition of my hair isn’t dry and isn’t moisturised, so inbetween. A feeling that I haven’t had before. Texture felt different. Hair did appear brighter though! The price is good considering it’s a known drugstore brand. In all honesty, I wouldn’t purchase this again.

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