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Tip of the Week #1


Just thinking of doing these tip of the weeks. Give a tip every Wednesday.

Tip: Hair masks/deep treatments can be expensive. An alternative way to deep condition your hair is to use your normal hair conditioner and leave it on for 20 minutes. It gives the same results as a 3 minute hair mask/deep treatment. So you don’t have to spend more on hair masks.

The image about is an example of an expensive hair mask costing around £18 each.

Image credits: Google Images

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4 responses to “Tip of the Week #1”

  1. julien says:

    i was thinking about that in the shower today! actually every time i shower. left a little bit of conditioner on my hair and allow my hair to air and it took 3 hours to dry. i dunno about blow drying though, been avoiding heat tools for a while now.

  2. Amyboo says:

    Ahh I remember indulging in hair masks. :)My personal fav was Essential Honey & Shea Butter. Felt and smelt divine!

    • nicolyl says:

      ive got loads of hair masks -_- lol i want to try that! will have to wait til im in hk this summer 😀

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