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Ladurée Collaborates with Albion For Les Merveilleuses de Ladurée Makeup Line


Yes it is Laduree, the company famous for macaroons!
The release dates are:
Currently released in Japan.
Europe: This autumn.
USA: Date to be confirmed – It’ll be after it has been released in Europe.
The Rest of Asia – Same with USA.


Let’s have a look at the collection:

Gorgeous right?! This one product had caught my eye:

Available in 3 shades:

3150¥ (£26/$41 USD) for the case,
7350¥ (£60/$96 USD) for the petal blushes.

They also have it in a smaller size, still very cute packaging for 3360¥ (£27):

Very expensive collection. What do you guys think?

7 comments so far.

7 responses to “Ladurée Collaborates with Albion For Les Merveilleuses de Ladurée Makeup Line”

  1. Keri says:

    That is the prettiest packaging I've ever seen. 😮

  2. Wai ♥ says:

    The packaging is to die for! I would probably buy them and gaze at its beauty instead of using them lol. Waste of money haha.

  3. Steffi says:

    omg it looks expensive but soooooooooooooo tempting!! wish they were coming to the uk…

  4. Eden-Avalon says:

    These are such beautiful products. D: If the performance is as good as the packaging I may have to super splurge.

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