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17.01.2012  Beauty·美容

Mini Asia Came to Me

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These have been ordered around New Years day and have slowly received them. But yay finally they arrived!

Skinfood Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream:

Missha The Style Under Eye Brightener:

Face and neck roller:

And here’s the review of the last item, Daiso Japan Charcoal Natural Face Mask: here

12 responses to “Mini Asia Came to Me”

  1. lovely pettit_mom says:

    good haul. i like a face and neck roller

  2. Amyboo says:

    Nice haul! Please do a review of the salmon concealer! Ive always wondered how well it works. xD

  3. тainтed мeмories. says:

    i have the exact same face & neck roller as this one which i ordered from ebay.. i gotta say, it don't do much difference & personally i think i just wasted my money on it. but i guess everyone has different opinions x

    • nicolyl says:

      yeah true. i have bad circulation and hope this will help it ^^ and can use this while im studying haha

  4. Kokeshi says:

    Great haul! I have got this Missha and i really like it becouse it is really durable :).

  5. Joanne says:

    I wanted to try the Charcoal Mask too but it seems it is not that effective in removing whiteheads. 🙁

    Great haul though!


  6. Jen says:

    great haul 😀 plz review the skinfood concealer when you've tested it out! ^^ thank you~

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