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07.10.2011  Beauty·美容

Sigma Buffer Brush – F45

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I have received this from Sigma back in August and have used it for over a month now so I can so a review of it.

It came in a cute packaging:

Sigma Buffer Brush – F45 
Bristle Lasting:
Overall Rating:
Review: My first thought of this was how soft it felt to touch! I keep running my fingers through it because it’s that soft and I love the feeling of it. To be honest, I’m doing it now while typing this review! Lol. The bristles are natural bristle therefore giving the soft feel to it and it didn’t irritate my skin which I am currently having a breakout at the moment. It is still soft after washing it. Also picks up a lot of product from one dab of pressed powder. It also does what its intended to do, buffer. The bristles are dense enough to to blend out the powder giving a smooth feel and a soft, even, natural look.

With the soft bristles, it is a versitile brush. Other than pressed powders, you can you it for mineral foundation, loose powder, bronzer, blushers. I have used this for the pressed powder, bronzer and blusher, and must I say, I look flawless! Using it for the bronzer and blush, I look a lot more natural as compared to using my Bourjois Kabuki brush which isn’t as soft and requires more than one dab of the product. This brush is also compact as it is just under 3 inches so it won’t take much room in your bag for on the go top up.

The down side is that when it arrived, it had shed a little. Sometimes when I use it, one bristle sheds. This isn’t often. However, it is great alternative to the higher end brushes like MAC.

7th October – 7th November 2011


This is sponsored by Sigma. Sigma will ship this brush directly to the winner of my giveaway. Open internationally.

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Good Luck! 🙂

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