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Pink, Female and a Superhero


Go go power ranger! Lol. I made the costume for a fancy dress outing which was last night. Had bought a plain pink t-shirt, a large white t-shirt and a pink ribbed bandage skirt. To make this, I had cut up the white t-shirt and sewed it onto the pink shirt. Cut a thin white strip and sewed it onto the bottom of the skirt. Then I had a problem of what to do with a belt. Decided to used one of my fabric belts and sewed on white fabric. Cut out cardboard for the buckle and wrote on it rather than draw all the little details. With the skirt and belt, I am able to undo the stitches and keep wearing them for the future.

This is how I wore it last night:

Might morphin power ranger!

Have you made your own costume?

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7 responses to “Pink, Female and a Superhero”

  1. Angie says:

    omg this is awesome and hilarious! i think it looks really fashionable for being the pink ranger – mighty morphin was the best!

  2. D.Sadie (D.G.S.Beauty) says:

    CUTE! I love the pink ranger. LOL. This year I'll be making my daughter's halloween costume. =)

  3. Emsy says:

    Pretty. The pink power! You look like a celebrity there.


  4. chiky says:

    You're so beautiful!!

  5. Tori says:

    Haha, that is awesome!! XD

  6. Rena says:


    This DIY project was so cute and creative! The pictures brought a smile to my face…too bad my hubby isn't really into dressing up for Halloween…if he was, we'd have a blast coming up with costumes!

    <33 Rena

  7. panther Kostüm says:

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