Transition to Autumn

British weather is really unpredictable. Supposedly this week we’re having a heat wave and its then end of summer as well. However, it has been a nice day for the past two days. Been at university for over a week and had done a mini haul to get myself ready for autumn. I’ve ordered a few things online for my costume that I’m going to make ready for Saturday night. So will post what I wore that night.

Boatneck knit top from Primark:

It’s meant to be peach but this picture doesn’t do justice. The front is holey. I guess that is the best way to decribe it. Could wear it as over the shoulder if I got a larger size.

Belted mac coat from New Look:

They had this in many colours, black, hot dusty pink, mustard yellow, beige, burnt orange but I fell in love with this dark turquoise colour. Perfect for autumn when it’s not hot or cold.

Vest top from H&M:

It’s meant to be dusty pink, then again, the picture doesn’t do justice. Love how the back is longer than the front. Guess that’s in this season?

This is what I wore to university today:

Peach knit top from Primark
Plain white vest top from HK
Black leggings from Primark
Tan gladiator wedge sandals from Primark

Got a review lined up! Nearly finished so hopefully will post it in a few days. Hope everyone is studying hard! ;).

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8 responses to “Transition to Autumn”

  1. adthenshesmiled says:

    Love that coat. It looks so cute on you!

  2. Diana says:

    love the turquoise coat 🙂 cute ootd

  3. Emsy says:

    I love those pieces. You really have a good taste.


  4. Amyboo says:

    Peach knit top is super cute! 🙂

  5. wendiie ♥ says:

    nice little haul 😀
    XD it's autumn over there now but summer where i am..going to miss the autumn fashion ahaha

  6. Jen says:

    LOVE the knit top and the coat! :O the colour is GORGEOUS. I love autumn and all the layering you can do.. too bad it's Spring here now >.<

  7. тainтed мeмories. says:

    omg i love the top! but knit top never suits me lmao ♥

  8. Tori says:

    The coat is such a pretty colour~! ♥

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