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Exam Collective Haul

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Just a small haul. Fashion only. All ordered online since I didn’t have time to shop. 🙁

Floral bralet:

Coral bonjour Paris crop top as worn in my previous post:

Bandage leggings:

Nude gladiator wedges:

Large canvas weekend bag:

Since I am travelling to see friends, I needed a bigger bag to store all of my “essentials” and this is perfect size! I can stop using my panda bag since its tearing apart now. :'(

13 responses to “Exam Collective Haul”

  1. Sarah Mar'atul Azizah says:

    great haul dear! ;D
    love the floral bralet and the nude wedges..

    sorry for your panda bag, its really cute ;(

  2. hihihi! says:

    lol i neverknew you had a diaryuntil i clicked the diary tab haha, 🙂 my exams are just beginning,lols, i bet you did better than you though ><isnt that post exam feeling great??!!

  3. BeautySparkless says:

    I love those leggings and gladiator wedges

  4. Joey says:

    Cute haul! Can't wait to see these in outfit posts 🙂
    I'm like you, I tend to shop online a lot during exam periods because I can't go out.

  5. Eden-Avalon says:

    I hate it when bags tear. I get slightly emotional. ; w ; I saved the teddy bear off my last "favorite-wear-all-the-time bag." I have really been wanting a pair of gladiator heels but of course I was only considering black ones. Yours are an interesting alternative.

  6. キャセヂ姫 says:

    I want bandage leggings so badly *_*

  7. ♥ c.angie ♥ says:

    I loveeeee the Floral bralet and Nude gladiator wedges where did you order it?

  8. bunnyluverz says:

    the shoes! i want those! =D

  9. grinsende Fruehlingsrolle says:

    awwr where did u buy these clothes??
    could u send me the link of the online shop ? 🙂

  10. Anonymous says:

    omg, you have to tell us where you got those shoes!

    they're gorgeous!

  11. Lauren says:

    oh my gosh I ordered those bandage leggings a couple nights ago! ^^ I can't wait to get them x3

  12. Mi_Mi says:

    wow amzing shoes so pretty !! add it to my wishlist^^

  13. preshuzz says:

    where did you get that floral bralet?

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