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13.05.2011  Beauty·美容

Princess Lee False Eyelashes Dupe

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SPONSORED. Months ago, I’ve received the Princess Lee Lashes dup sponsored by FOTDLooks and finally doing a review after 6123278131 years late. xD. Been sent 2 different style lashes to review.

These are a dupe of the actual Princess Lee lashes however they are still wearable and very natural looking.

P26 lashes:

219 lashes:

Princess Lee Lashes Dupe
Overall Rating:

Overall Rating:

Review: I’m going to review both lashes at the same time. I’m glad to have tried these lashes as I haven’t tried very natural ones except for eylure which are expensive just for one pair in my opinion. With these eyelashes, you get a box of 10. At FOTDLooks, you can mix and match. Both pairs are really natural and easy to blend in with the rest of your eyelashes. The difference between the two styles is that P26 has a black band while 219 has a clear band. Both are not noticeable and a bit of eyeliner/eyeshadow will cover it well. With P26, I think it looks a wee bit unnatural due to the length as I have asian short lashes. That probably is the problem but it is the best natural criss cross eyelash I have tried. With 219, it is easily blended in with the rest of my eyelashes as these pair is more for volume rather than length.

Both lashes are very light and comfortable to the point it feels like I’m not wearing any false lashes. They are both easy to apply because of this and also handmade to high quality. The colour isn’t jet black which also helps with the natural look of these.

Overall, I really do like these lashes however I’m not use to seeing myself with natural false ones. But I probably will get use to it. There’s nothing wrong with dupes. Dupes tend to be cheaper and still good quality. I probably prefer P26 rather than 219 as I want length but I do like 219 because of the volume. So if I combine the two, I probably have my perfect pair!

Do check out FOTDLooks as they sell a wide range of circle lenses too! ^^

3 responses to “Princess Lee False Eyelashes Dupe”

  1. ♥ Liz W ♥ says:

    gosh, they are soo fine and delicate @[email protected]!!
    I wanna try this kind of 'handmade' lashes but its so hard to find online ~_~
    btw, I like 826 more =D!

  2. Sarah Mar'atul Azizah says:

    beautiful dear 😉

  3. Mi_Mi says:

    wow soo pretty i want to get the second one soo pretty^^

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