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27.11.2010  Beauty·美容

Lazy Messy Quick Hair Bow

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Thank you for helping me in the last post. This is my HOTD for today. Since I’m not going out today, I put my hair up into a bow since it was a fuss of keeping it down. Just involves one or two hair ties. Quick and easy, perfect for lazy days. Hello roots!

 I woke up to snow today!!! 🙂

8 responses to “Lazy Messy Quick Hair Bow”

  1. Silkybow says:

    oooh looks nice!
    It reminded me of Lady Gaga's bow but more laid back and messy 🙂

  2. Elisaaa (^-^)v says:

    yeah, it reminds me of the lady gaga bow as well =)

  3. Tasja says:

    ohh super nicee!
    looks really cute ^^

  4. Shmuberry says:

    I like how cute and messy it is!

  5. TzeYien89 says:

    i like the colour of your hair, what colour do you use? and what colour is your hair naturally?


  6. Mei says:

    Oh so cute ^__^

  7. Tori says:

    Awe, looks so cute~! ♥

  8. Angie says:

    that's cute! your hair is so blonde now. show us a look with this hair and a tutorial i love it!

    <3 angie
    (ps i'm having a giveaway!)

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