[HAUL + ETC] University “Essentials” and a Tour :)

Warning, image heavy.

Sorry for being unactive these days! I’ve moved back down to uni last week and been really busy these days! It was freshers week last week so I went out all week and haven’t been staying at my accommodation in the week as I stayed at a friend’s house. Started lectures on Monday, and now I’m bombarded with work now. I have 4 9am starts and they’re all long days 🙁 Lectures everyday. Tired Nicol.

I have been purchasing things over the past few weeks. I would say these are uni necessities, well kind of. I’m going to post just the beauty and fashion items rather than everything. I purchased all the stationary I needed and kitchen equipment and other general living items. Here is the haul:

 Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment, Boots Ingredients Honey Jojoba Intensive Hair Mask, Blistex Intensive Moisturiser Lip Cream.

Tea Tree & Peppermint Facial Scrub, GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick 134 Darling, Likas Papaya Herbal Whitening Soap.

GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick 134 Darling


These are bought from H&M.

Tour of my room and flat at university accommodation:

Welcome to Flat 149! 🙂

Straight to the kitchen which is shared by 3 other people.

Welcome to my room! 🙂

This is what it looks like when you walk in. the door on the right is the bathroom.

Bathroom. Shower behind me.

My wardrobe. Ran out of hangers so I had to improvise and group clothing. I have to have the clothes in this order:
Jackets/blazer, long sleeved tops, t-shirts, vest tops, going out tops/dresses, denim shorts, non denim shorts, legging/jeggings, jeans, trackies/joggers, fancy dress.
The black box contains my underwear and socks. bags, belts, towels etc next to it and shoes on the bottom floor shelf. Huge suitcase on the top shelf.

Close up on the rest of my room.

Shelf. Top shelf: alcohol, herbal tea, flask etc. Second shelf: face, hair, body products. Third shelf: makeup, jewellery, accessories. Bottom shelf: books, folder, stationary.

This is the view from my room during the day.

This is the view from my room during the night.

Thank you for people who have ordered sleek palette(s). You should get them in around a week or less depending on your location. I will do personal orders so you can order from me anytime without having to wait for the batch. Order here: http://yuk-lui.blogspot.com/p/sleek.html

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16 responses to “[HAUL + ETC] University “Essentials” and a Tour :)”

  1. Tori says:

    Glad to see you back & posting bb~! ♥ Your new gets are amazing~ I love that black bustier top & those ankle-cuff flats~

  2. Susie says:

    A peppermint facial scrub!? I want to try one! Ahhh, I love all of your shoes, they're so cute! Your bathroom is so cute, ahaa. The sink interests me for some reason 😛

  3. Mickeyy says:

    wow your dorm is so nice!!! my dorm we have a mess hall… no kitchens and hot plates aren't allowed!! plus we have floor washrooms so we hv to share everything… the only thing we get in our room is wardrobe, bed, desk, n chair.. and the wardrobe is just a indent in the wall w/ a shower curtain as a door… but atleast we hv a mirror and a sink as well….. and my dorm is considered one of the nicest in my college!

  4. ♪(゚▽^*)ノ⌒☆ says:

    I've always wondered what student accomodation actually looks like! For some reason I imagined it to look like a prison cell hahah.

  5. Dolce♥Bunny says:

    its been ages since you blogged!! can't wait to see more of your blog ^^
    Love your room!! Its so simple yet cozy in a way!!

    I wish they bring that Lee Stafford product to australia! So far there is only the dry shampoo and the hair iron protection spray.

    Love the haul girl!!

  6. Cassandra says:

    Ooooh I wanna live by myself!! Im so jealous now!! 🙁


  7. miss D says:

    Wow your apt. looks amazing!!! I wish we had it like that at my university.. ours is pretty crappy and the best ones only have bathrooms & the rooms no kitchen :[

  8. Angie says:

    cute shoes! omggg your flat is so huge! welcome back to uni~

  9. ~KawaiiParadise~ says:

    cute dorm and shoes. I'm so jealous XD. Where you get those cute shoes?^^
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  10. angelamhiere says:

    Wow! Beautiful room!!! ^__^

  11. sharon says:

    Omg, why is your accommodation so nice *___*

  12. Adeline says:

    Your room looks nice and cosy!! 🙂 GOSH DARLING looks pretty!

  13. Eli says:

    Your room and bathroom looks so nice 😀
    Recently went to help my sister pack her things to her room and looks nothing like that! Really dim and the bathroom is so nasty ¬¬


  14. Anonymous says:

    wow your room looks really cute and lovely!

    btw i wanted to ask…where did u buy the likas papya soap from because i cannot find it anywhere in london! do you get it online? thanks

  15. nicolyl says:

    ^i bought it from http://soompi.angeland.net/ 🙂 ive been told that u can buy it in london. I'm not sure about that since i dont live in london. never been to london tbh

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thank you.. i don't think it gets sold in london, because i have practically looked everywhere. thanks for the website link though,i appreciate it 🙂

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