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14.07.2010  Beauty·美容

Jewel French Tip

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Left Hand:

Right Hand:

Maybelline Ultra Strong 3 in 1
Collection 2000 in Shimmer Pink
Collection 2000 in Pearly White
Nail Rhinestone set

Not sure about the title. Just finished painting and decorating my nails and I’m typing while it dries. Lol.

Got bored and thought I’d do my nails. Took me a while. =.=

15 responses to “Jewel French Tip”

  1. Shou-chan says:

    aw this looks great!
    very nice^^

  2. 박진아 says:


  3. wendiie ♥ says:

    ooooo simple and very cute! 🙂

  4. angelamhiere says:

    So Kawaii!!! ^__^

  5. ••RASPBERRY JAM•• says:

    looks nice ! ^^

  6. Angie says:

    Cute dainty pearly nails, Nicol 🙂

  7. Susie says:

    Ooo, so cute! I really like them 😀

  8. Amandita says:

    how cute… great idea =)

  9. Jenny Ho says:

    lovely nails! are they your real ones? cute post! 'xo

  10. ~KawaiiParadise~ says:

    adorable XD

  11. kawaiikao says:


  12. nicolyl says:

    jenny ho: thank you and yep they are 🙂

  13. katie says:

    veryyyy cute! how long did it take you?

  14. nicolyl says:

    katie: between 30 mins to an hour lol

  15. julia louise says:

    Just found your blog, hehe.
    Lovely post, and really great blog!! Btw. lovin' the nails.
    I was hoping if you would take a look at mine, and maybe be a follower?

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