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6 Feb 2010Beauty·美容

Cute for Valentine’s Day

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 A simple french with rhinestones. 🙂 I think the only reason I said that it is cute for Valentine’s because of the heart rhinestone on the thumb. xD
Maybelline Ultra Strong 3 in 1
Collection 2000 in Pearly White
Nail Rhinestone set

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5 responses to “Cute for Valentine’s Day”

  1. bowsnhearts says:

    Wow…you have really nice nails! I love the very simple and sweet look!

    I love your display picture…you look like an anime character! very pretty!

  2. Noriki says:

    HI Nicol! i'm having my first giveaway with Audrey from Drey Jewelry. Are you interested in participating in this giveaway? I do hope so! >.<
    If you doooo, heres my card. jk lol heres my link via my blog for more info!:
    😀 have a good day!!

  3. Love, Sweetcheeks says:

    aww…very adorable indeed!!

    Happy (early) Valentine's day sweetie!

  4. Carmen says:

    You have really nice looking nails 🙂 I probably need to get fakes ones done lol

  5. nicolyl says:

    bowsnhearts: hehe thank you sweetie 🙂

    noriki: ooo i'll join in 😀

    love, Sweetcheeks: awww happy early valentines day to u too! ^^ <3

    Carmen: thank you 🙂 i cant stand fake nails. not sure why :/

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