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24.01.2010  Beauty·美容

Shiseido Shimmering Lipstick

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Spent a lot of money the past week. Mainly on makeup. Bought:
Shiseido Shimmering Lipstick in SL1 (£15)
Givenchy Prismissime Eyes in #53 (£34)
NYX Round Lipstick in Harmonica (around $4)
NYX Round Lipstick in Jupiter (around $4)
NYX Round Lipstick in Frosted Beige (around $4)

Review time:


Shiseido Shimmering Lipstick
Long Lasting: (can’t really rate it)
Overall Rating:
Review: This isn’t one of the best lipstick, maybe because it was the colour I have chosen. To be honest, there’s not much difference in the before and after. The only difference is that it gives a subtle shimmer and it is the exact same colour as my lips! I was hoping for a nice light pink. On the box, it says “Contains Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE, a lasting moisturizer.” I would say it does have moisturizing features as my lips are less dry. I can’t really rate whether it lasts long as it matches my natural lip colour and the price, is fair but expensive plus its a high brand. Not sure whether to purchase this again but in different colours.

Wow, I’ve got over 100 followers now. xD Thanks you guys! I promise to improve. Also, I was thinking of doing my first ever giveaway. This might be soon, depending if I have time these days. Also need to decide what to give away. =P

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6 responses to “Shiseido Shimmering Lipstick”

  1. ♥ Jhoy ♥ says:

    cute! post pictures of the NYX swatches if you have time love <3 =]

  2. AVY says:

    Cute girl.

  3. BabyMei says:

    It's ok.I would have gone with something a little pinker ^_~.It look like your lipstick is really fade like ya know?Still cute!

  4. nicolyl says:

    ♥ Jhoy ♥: done ^^

    AVY: Thank you 🙂

    BabyMei: It's more of a shimmer rather than pigmented. It looks pinker in life but on the lips, it's like no colour whatsoever =[

  5. fasha comeback again says:

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    follow my blog.
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  6. Melsa says:

    i just love your hair♥

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