Short Hair Don't Care

07 December 2015


Some may not consider my current hair as short but to me, it's short. I've had 10 inches cut off and it's weird. I haven't had hair this short for around 10 years now so it is a big change for myself. I'm not use to it even though I've had it since yesterday.

I guess this is like a new start, removing all of the split ends and refreshing the colour. I do like how my hair colour looks in different lighting and camera. I want to try the wavy look with this length and can't wait to try it. Initially I didn't want 10 inches cut off, more like 7 inches but then thought why not another 3 inches. It isn't going to hurt me! Hair still grows even if I still don't like it.

For some reason, I want to go a little bit shorter now.

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  1. Your hair looks amazing Nicol! The shorter length suits you so much, and omg, so brave for taking 10 inches off all at once! xx

  2. Loving the hair and the colour looks amazing on you!

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous and I love the red hue it really suits your warm skin tone.

  4. Oh wow 10 inches is a lot and it is still longer than mine, but I do think it looks amazing x

  5. Love your post :)

  6. I'm getting my hair cut this upcoming Friday and my hair is to the point where even if I cut off 10 inches, there will still be a lot more to go. I love the length you're at right now and may consider it!

  7. Cutting off a large chunk always feels so refreshing. I've donated my hair twice, 12+" each time, and it always feels so great and light afterwards!

  8. Your hair looks Fab! I adore the color x

    Pink Frenzy


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