White Nails

21 August 2014

White Nails


I've been loving and wearing white nails recently. At first, I did think that they were more on the tacky side and look like you've painted them with Tipex but if you have a good quality polish, they can look chic. I would say that nail length would also contribute to how good the white nail polish looks. I have used Nails Inc Hypergel nail polish in Snow White.

I have painted my nails with Tipex whilst in secondary school (around year 8) to cure boredom. Those were the days where I wasn't allowed to purchase nail polish or wear any. It was my last resort. Pretty sure I wasn't the only one. Even drawing nail art with the Tipex pens. My childhood was a joyous one.

What's your thoughts on white nail polish?

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  1. I love white nails and it looks great with a tan ^^


  2. I also love Essie Blanc, really pretty!


  3. I have never painted my nails white but i do think they look great.

  4. I used to think it was so weird, but I LOVE the look of white nails now!

    LIVE . IN . LOVE


  5. i love white nails they are the best especially on feet

  6. I like white nails, though I rarely wear them (think they look too bright against my skin tone). Your nails look really nice and I agree the the quality of the polish plays a bit part in how well it turns out. Whenever I try this with cheap polish it comes out so streaky and messy > < ♣♧milkymemoir.blogspot.ca♧♣


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