My Beauty Mistakes

28 May 2014


Going through the teenage years meant a lot of experimenting with my own looks and believing that every single one of them looked great on me. I was quite a late bloomer when it came to my looks. I didn't really cared about them until I was 16/17 years old. College and first year of university was my experimenting days. Looking back at photos, boy oh boy was I wrong, thinking I'd never make any mistakes. These aren't the usual smudged eyeliner, too light foundation. They are the next level. Here are my beauty mistakes I've made.

Plucking them so much that I've got a huge gap between them. No one wanted a monobrow right? I plucked them so much they were thin as well. I never used an eyebrow pencil back then so they looked non existent! This was whilst I was in college. Because of this ungodly mistake, I have a photo of me trending this look on my drivers license. It'll stay with me until I need to renew it which would be when I'm 28. Luckily I never had a photo like this on my passport otherwise kill me now.

I'm not sure how and why I started colouring my whole eyelid from the lash line to the crease with liquid eyeliner. It was hard to remove as well. This must have been a paint my numbers phase I went through since I dropped fine art at A-Level and was missing the course so much that I wanted to re-live it a tad. This only lasted around a year, during my college to university transition.

During the day was fine. It was at night where I would go out clubbing, I'd pack on the blush or bronzer so it'll show up I'm photos and make my cheeks defined. In a rare few photos, it looked perfect whilst in most, I was a clown. I even did it for my grad ball. Back then, I thought it looked great in photos and now, I'm ashamed. Hands on my face thinking what was I even thinking.

What were your beauty mistakes?

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  1. Mine were far too much blush and NOT plucking my brows!

  2. I think a lot of people over pluck their eyebrows when they are younger - less is always more with everything in life I think

    laura x

  3. Haaa speaking of eyeliner, I went through a good year or two long phase of kohl eyeliner on the top lash line and bottom waterline in my younger teens (this was when emo was the big thing, so must have been influenced by that!). In hindsight it just made my eyes look smaller than they already are! Was never the 'effortless smokey eye' I envisioned -_-

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  4. I overdraw my liner when I'm tired in the morning. You can always tell i had a rough night when I go to work looking like amy winehouse =P

  5. Mine still ongoing lol but eye shadow overload was one x

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  7. Awww My worst mistake is that sometimes I am too tired and sleep without removing my makeup! eeeeeek

  8. I used to be obsessed with eyeliners as well, then I got an eye infection when I had a problem taking it off. Oh no. After that, I don't use eyeliner often and will only have it applied by a professional. :)

  9. Piling on the blush is definitely something I've been guilty of before!

    LIVE . IN . LOVE ✞


  10. I'm sure that this mistakes would be well remembered and avoided. This post could help a lot of ladies.

  11. i think many could relate with the blush on mistake lol. I'm kind of careful with my makeup but if I have mistakes, I could immediately fix it since my mother and siblings will always notice

  12. Thanks for this informative post. I am learning makeup too.

  13. girly thing! but it doesnt matter, something i can share with my wife as well as to my girl friends. thanks! well, at least i know what to avoid!

  14. The eyebrow mistake is so recognizable! Ever since I discovered a light enough eyebrow pencil (my natural color is blonde-brown), I've embraced thicker eyebrows. It looks so much better!

  15. Mine is I rarely pluck my eyebrows LOL! And like you my blush is sometimes piled on too much.

  16. I used to overpluck my eyebrows too, the ends were only an eyebrow thick! I also used to draw really heavy eyeliner on my bottom lashes which made me look awful haha! I swear teenagers now just know how to do hair and makeup though, my sister always looks nice!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens


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