Met Ball 2013

08 May 2013

The Met Ball or Met Gala is an annual event and is known as the fashion oscars. The night where celebrities dress to impress to the theme. This years theme was "punk chaos". I love themed balls/parties because you expect the unexpected with the outfits. You get subtle to outrageous, little or nothing to drowned, glam to dull. It's great to see how creative it can get and how it fits to the theme. I have selected a wide variety and put them together. I have restricted it to how many I have fit in 10, make that 11 images to prevent the post overloading.
Amanda Seyfried; Miranda Kerr; Kirsten Dunst;
Blake Lively; Gwyneth Paltrow;
Maggie Q; Sienna Miller;
Allison Williams; Sarah Jessica Parker;

Nicole Richie; Miley Cyrus; Anne Hathaway;
Cara Delevingne; Paloma Faith; Jessica Alba;
Ashley Olsen; Alexa Chung; Nicki Minaj;
Dakota Fanning; Cameron Diaz; Gwen Stefani;

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley; Julianne Hough; Heidi Klum;
Nina Dobrev; Beyonce;
Taylor Swift; Katie Perry; Kristen Stewart;

I'm pretty sure everyone's seen Kim Kardashian's horrific dress.

Who is your most and least favourite out of the above? Or was there one you loved that aren't pictured above?

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  1. I was SUPER disappointed in almost everyone's dress for this theme. It is not hard to look punk and a few people apparently just didn't care at all! I wish I could've dressed everyone for this..

    xo Ashley

  2. My favorite was probably Sarah Jessica Parker and Anne Hathaway! Both so chic!

    xo spreadfashionblog

  3. Miranda Kerr and Cara Delevingne, literally my two favourite people ever!

  4. nice blog, btw ind to follow each other let me know!

  5. I loved Sienna Miller and Nicole Richie and I think Madonna did the best when it comes to the Punk theme :)

    xx, V

  6. blake and taylor are my fave

  7. So many incredible outfits, I loved Sienna Miller's look and Miranda Kerr always looks amazing x

  8. Hey! I just came across your blog and I love it! It's great.

    Feel free to check mine too, we can also follow each other if you would like too!

  9. Hello dear! Cara Delevingne was definitely a favourite and the least favorite was definitely Kim Kardashian but out of the ones you've listed I think Katy Perry took the second worst dressed (at least for us).

    Here at ChicTrends we're very glad to have found your blog today and look forward to more!

  10. Sienna looks amazing, I don't think she even needs the jacket to be honest! Nicole Richie's hair reminds me of Hades from Hercules hahaha and don't even get me started on Miley's hair, what is she playing at D:

    Thanks for your comment btw, hahah I didn't notice until you mentioned it but had a look back at recent outfits and wearing something Zara each time was completely unintentional. They should defo sponsor me though heh


  11. So many stunning, interesting looks from the gala! Of the ones you featured, I think Kirsten Dunst and Amanda Seyfried look the best :)


  12. Adore your blog :) great review from the met :)

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  13. yeah I saw Kims horrible dress! Schocked!

  14. I loveee Miranda and Cara! They always look gorgeous. Kim's outfit was pretty horrific.


  15. i like the dress of Blake, Heidi, Cara and Katie but Madonna...


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