Shills Bubble Body Scrub

07 March 2013


This is the first time I've heard of a foam scrub. Since it's a scrub and not a wash, it makes me more intrigued as to how such product works. Shills is a Taiwanese brand and is known to have great products especially cosmetics.

To be honest, I'm not into the whitening feature on this, just the exfoliation part. Following the instructions, I start to use this. Rather than spraying out foam mousse, it was spitting out the liquid. There must be a blocked hole or something. Used a needle and wire to unclog any holes however it still spitted out liquid. Think I have received a faulty one since I'd have to use force to press down. First thing I have noticed was how strong the smell of this was. It has a very noticeable alcohol scent which did make me feel a bit dizzy.

I decided to try and use the liquid that came out to see if it gave any results. It gave a very cool feeling onto the skin. A bit too cool in my opinion. After rubbing it on the skin, I am left with some grey matter which I assume is the dead skin. Skin did feel smooth afterwards. Would have been easier to use if it wasn't faulty. To be honest, I'll stick to my body scrubs however, I still would retry this product if it wasn't faulty. Shame that I had received the bad batch.

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  1. I've heard great things about Shills products but never heard of this before! I don't know where to purchase their products besides Ebay though. Unlucky that yours didn't foam up, did you have to shake it beforehand?


    1. yeah :/ no matter how much i shaked it, it still spitted out liquid. faulty batch sigh


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