Paris Haul

Sebium Foaming Gel; Sebium H2O; Crealine (Sensibio) H2O;

Sebium MAT; Sebium AI; Sebium AKN; Sebium Pore Refiner; Sebium Global;

Yeah, kind of went over board on Bioderma. Near enough purchased the whole Sebium range. Just missing the Sebium exfoliating gel, Hydra, Serum and MAT Teintee. Wasn’t interested in the MAT Teintee and couldn’t find the other 3 in the french pharmacy I was in. If you are visiting Paris, these products and other French and non french branded products can be purchased in pharmacies. These pharmacies are everywhere in Paris, however I do recommend one pharmacy who are known for their cheap prices and best deals as compared to the others in the city.

It’s called City Pharma and is in Saint-Germain-Des-Prés, 6th arrondissement (6ème). Address is:

26 Rue du Four
75006 Paris

For example, a bottle of the Sebium/Crealine H2O solution 500ml would cost 8,75€ in City Pharma whereas it’ll cost around 16,75€ in other pharmacies (differs in location). Less than half the price! You can get the pack of 2 for 15,90€ in City Pharma. Amazing deal and amazing prices! With their incredible prices and deals, it is busy and the aisles are narrow too. People do push their way through whether they say “excusez moi” or not.

Wish I actually kept my City Pharma receipt so I would know how much these products actually were. The products second photo were around 8€ average each.

I Heart Paris t-shirt; Knitted top from Zara;

Can’t really leave without purchasing a I Heart Paris t-shirt. Purchased it from the Galeries Lafayette for 14€. Then nipped into Zara and saw a top I really liked for the very first time. Ended up paying 39,95€ which worked out cheaper than the UK, a little over £2 cheaper! Not complaining. I want to go back to Paris.

Also, the winner of the giveaway is Dima S. Congratulations hun and will email you.


  1. TSOH
    30th March 2013 / 12:03 am

    I need all the Sebium range too. Nothing seems to control my oil! 🙁

    • nicolyl
      30th March 2013 / 7:49 pm

      hopefully they wont disappoint when i try them

  2. Louise Lam
    30th March 2013 / 9:13 am

    So many Bioderma products, so jealous!

    dreamdustx | Urban Decay Giveaway

    • nicolyl
      30th March 2013 / 7:50 pm


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