25 Random Facts About Me Tag

11 March 2013

I saw this tag floating around youtube and thought why not join in, blogging style. Instead of 50, I decided to cut it down to 25 to keep the post shortish, so here it goes:
1. Was trapped in an elevator when I was around 7. Scary.
2. I bruise like a peach. A poke would most likely give me a bruise.
3. I browse around at the teens section of fashion stores. Clothes and shoes still fit me. Cheaper too!
4. I love Fernando Torres since 2004 when he played in the UEFA Euro 2004. It was love at first sight. My future husband even though he's got a wife and 2 kids. He's so hot.
5. I'm a fussy eater.
6. Currently addicted to Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes. Sad, I know.
7. Always wear falsies.
8. I never wear jeans now.
9. I don't find scary movies scary whatsoever. I sit there either looking bored or blank.
10. Can eat a whole tub of Ben and Jerry's or Haagen Dazs in one sitting by myself. Can never get sick of ice cream.
11. People who randomly approach me scares me.
12. I think KFC chips are the best. Then McDonalds, then Burger King. Love it when chips are soft.
13. If I like a song, I'll play it over and over and over again until I find another song to love.
14. I sing in the car when I drive regardless of who the unlucky people are.
15. I've always believed that I was 163cm tall but I'm 162cm which is still 5'3". I still believe I've shrunk 1cm.
16. I'm obsessed with X-Men.
17. I will never have short (shoulder length) hair again however I did contemplate on a bob cut a while ago.
18. I use to wear very, very, very thick eyeliner. Lash line to crease. Such a panda wannabe ey?
19. I cannot sleep if I don't have socks on.
20. I don't like sharing drinks. The thought of backwash makes me cringe. If someone drinks out of the same bottle, I'll throw it in the bin. If it was a cup, I'll get a new cup.
21. Love to follow recipes to cook/bake.
22. I've already planned out what my future house looks like.
23. I'm quiet and shy when you first meet me.
24. Love gymnastics.
25. I read a lot of blogs but I'm a silent reader 98% of the time. Please don't get offended if I dont leave a comment. I'm lazy.

I tag you guys! If you do this, leave a comment below with your link and I'll read it! :).

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  1. Number 19 - SO CUTE hahah, I only do this because it's so freaking cold atm, but I find it so uncomfortable D:

    1. haha aw. i guess its just a habit now

  2. I still look at the teens section too!
    Sometimes it's good to be short haha :P

    1. haha yes! and you cant tell that theyre from the teens too XD

  3. I really like it :3
    I actually think that 25 is a nicer number than 50. I somehow end up getting bored T_T even if I realllyyyyy love the person that is answering. 25 is a nice number xD


    1. haha its really hard to think of 25 never mind 50

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