Things I Like #6

11 January 2013

Coat: Missguided £49.99.
Lipticks (L-R, T-B): Whimsical, Ohh La La, Hazard, Brighton Rock, Rio Rio.

I've been looking online at the Topshop lipstick swatches and been deciding what shades I like. Then looking online on their website, some shades have been discontined. I'll need to look in store properly at their shades. Been eyeing up plenty of shades! I've chosen bright and deep shades rather than my usual pale, nude pinks. Need a change!

What's on your wishlist?

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  1. I love the tecture & pigmentation of the Topshop lipsticks but the colour my sister has is horrible on my skintone...I think I need to try more and find a shade that's nice for me lol

    1. What shade was it? I need to test them out instores first


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