Post New Year Haul

04 January 2013

I've been shopping around seeing what I liked as I am really fussy when it comes to clothes. I didn't really go shopping in the sales as I can't stand people pushing and it's so busy too. Gives me a headache. Ended up shopping online.

Boots from Linzi Shoes: £32.00

Bralet from Topshop: £15.00 (sale)

Bralet from Topshop: £20.00 (sale)

Rose Gold Arm Cuff from eBay: £2.69

Did you get anything from the Boxing Day, January sales?

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  1. I went the day after Boxing Day and it wasn't even good. I was expecting to go crazy but everything on sale was blah and I only picked up a couple of things. The only thing I really wanted was these boots in Topshop that were full price, typical!! x

    1. yes standard topshop! i ended up buying full price tops

  2. I really love the boots, they look great! Would wear them! <3


  3. I love those boots. Ive been eyeing up that particular style for a while now. I just need to get around to purchasing them! :-)

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. xx

    1. yes buy them! :D suits any outfit

  4. I love all your purchases!

  5. Wow, I JUST saw a classmate wear those boots and wondered where she got them... now I know!!
    I love the sales of boxing day, but don't like the chaos of fighting for sales!


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