Monica Vinador Fiji Bracelet

10 January 2013


I was surprised and speechless when I had received this bracelet as a gift. This Fiji bracelet is in the Friendship series. The great thing about this bracelet is that it can be engraved on the bracelet or on the toggle. You can't see but I had my initials, NW, engraved on the toggle while on the other side is the Monica Vinador logo.

The great thing about the Friendship series is that you can choose different colours for the ropes. There is a good variety of colours to choose from. Each colour has a certain meaning such as red for luck, turquoise for peace, nude for calm, black for energy etc. I had received navy for courage. This has a sentimental meaning to me.

Also available in gold, silver and rose gold. It is a great gift for any occasion. Does anyone have a bracelet from this series? If so, what colour and meaning has been chosen? If not, which one would you like to have?

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  1. Lovely! I don't usually wear braclets but this is right up my street!


    1. Yes same here! I dont really wear bracelets but will make an exception for this xD


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