Face Symmetry

22 January 2013

Has anyone thought that our faces were symmetrical? In terms of the features such as the eyes and that they were proportionally the same. Ever thought that even the most beautiful people were symmetrical and perfect? Found this interesting and shows that no one is symmetrically correct, however it shows what if they were symmetrical, left/right, how much different would they look?

More images here: http://www.youbeauty.com/face/galleries/face-symmetry-of-celebrities#1

Blake Lively:

Ryan Reynolds:

Lucy Liu:

Scarlet Johansson:
What do you think?

Image credits to: http://www.youbeauty.com/face/galleries/face-symmetry-of-celebrities#1

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  1. This is pretty cool. I actually heard it on the radio the other day about this and was trying to do this on my own face. I think as weird as it sounds.. It's nice to have not completely a "symmetrical" face. Looks weird if it was perfectly symmetrical.

  2. These photos are really cool! I have already heard about there being no perfect symmetry but these pictures show the actual effect if there was! I must say though that the originals look the best :P

  3. True, we aren't 100% symetrical!
    My Drawing teacher spend all their time explaining this to us!
    This is a really nice and well-made post! Thank you Nicol

  4. i've knowsn that too, i'm glad we don't have to be symmetrical lol

    "serena" is so beautiful ...and everyone else you showed too. i love them!

  5. hey morons... smiles are naturally asymmetrical. try it with neutral faces... thanks

    1. the point of this post was to see what itll look like if we had symmetrical features regardless of smile or neutral faces. no need to call us morons. there is no need for that. if you actually looked in the link i posted, not all celebs are smiling. do get your facts right. thanks


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