Tip of the Week #12

12 December 2012

Tip: Have the big spot that had appeared out of no where and don't have any spot treatments around the house? Put a potato in the fridge, take it out when its cold and slice a thin, small slice(s) and apply onto the spot. Leave until it dries up. This does help reduce the size of the spot and can get rid of it after a few consecutive days of doing this. Can do it in the morning and evening before bed. The coldness will reduce the spot size.

My mum, sister and myself have done this before and we have noticed a difference as we do get hte odd spots popping up.

Image credits: Google Images.

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1 comment

  1. thank you for the help. This happened to me a lot recently! Can you do a post on a good moisturizer for oily skin in the winter as well? Thanks :)


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