Big Bang

17 December 2012

Blouse: Forever 21; Skirt: Primark; Belt: Boohoo;
Tights: Tesco; Socks: New Look; Necklace: eBay;

Yes, I went to see Big Bang on Friday and this was the outfit I wore. London wasn't as cold so I went for a casual look. The concert was held at Wembley Arena and I had a seat for the concert. Should have got standing since I was standing throughout the concert but I guess standing would be bad as everyone kept pushing forward. It did get hot and ended up rolling my sleeves up. THEY WERE AMAZING AND HOT IN REAL LIFE! Got so many amazing, clear photos. There was a lot of merchandise available and had bought a hoodie for £55. Expensive but it's a one time opportunity. It's a warm hoodie to keep me through the cold, harsh winter.  It zips up right to the top!

Did any of yous go and watch the Big Bang concert?

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  1. Great outfit! I really wish I went to the concert. They were so close yet so far away (1hr train ride away sobbing). Also I really love the hoodi :33

  2. Love that! The outfit is perfection x

  3. CUte outfit! I so wanted to go to Big Bang concert :( But i was so busy and had no money :(
    Sad times :(
    I can just envy peoples pictures on Facebook haha :P

  4. :O OMG! you went there too? :D i went on Friday as well, it was amazingggggg, :3 i only got the lights and shirt ^^

  5. I went as well! :D But I went on Saturday~ :L
    It was perfect though!! <33


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