Updated Skin Care Routine

Ever since July, my skin has become horrendous! Been breaking out so much especially the chin area. I was in Hong Kong July – August. The humidity and the pollution there had made my skin worse. Ever since then, I’ve had to change my skin care routine to suit my current skin needs. Skin is still prone to breakouts and oily. That hasn’t changed. So here is my current skin care products that I have been using since August:

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser
Garnier Pure Active Purifying 24 Hours Moisturiser
The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil
Every morning and night, I use The Body Shop foaming cleanser to wash my face. Every 3 days, I’ll use the St. Ives scrub either in the morning or night instead to gently exfoliate my skin. After, I’ll apply the Bliv sebum gel all over my face then apply the Garnier moisturiser once the sebum gel is absorbed. If I have big breakouts, I’ll use The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil on a cotton pad and apply it to the areas where I’m breaking out. If I have the odd spot here and there, I’ll use the Origins spot treatment instead and apply with a cotton bud. I do this every day to keep my spots and oil under control.

Every Sunday night, I like to do masks and eye masks after cleansing my skin. It’s so relaxing. I choose face masks depending on how good or bad my skin is. Sometimes if it is really bad, I’ll skip the face mask and just do eye masks. Here are some face and eye masks that I have:

My skin is now a lot calmer and the breakouts are now under control. Finally! Being stressed doesn’t help my skin too. It does take time to see results. Nothing is instant. You’ve just got to stick with it for at least a month to know if a product actually works or not.


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