Dior 24 Carat Gold Tattoos

20 October 2012

Dior has released a limited edition collection of 24-carat gold temporary tattoos, meant to look like pieces jewellery.

The $120 (£75) set of Dior Grand Bal Golden Tattoos includes designs of cuffs, delicate rings and charm bracelets composed of gold leafing.

Created by Dior jewellery designer Camille Miceli, the sets were made for the brand's Christmas theme based around the idea of a 17th Century Grand Ball.

Available exclusively through Nordstrom.

I think it looks awesome but the price doesn't. What do you guys think about it?

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  1. I guess since it's made of real gold, that's why the price is like that :/ but I'm not that happy about it either since it IS a temporary tattoo. I think if I were to get them, which I don't think I will hahaha, I'd like the rings more because it looks more realistic? in a way. Thanks for the good read! I never even heard about these before and was like, oh woww. xD

  2. ooo~actually i dont like the way its looks,but its an interesting idea =)

  3. omg..i want to try those... but the price... ):

  4. awesome concept.. but really... who pays $125 for CD tattoos =/

  5. it's a waste of money, and its not even permanent. i prefer gold in a bar where it's actually valuable, not disposable. its impractical, you might as well buy $120 worth of F21 jewelry that'll last longer. i don't understand these designers, i think it's silly (& thats an understatement).

  6. I'm not liking the gold. I like temp tattoos, but I'm certainly not paying that money for something that's gonna wash off after a shower. I hate the fact like it's them saying "Let's think of more silly things to sell...stamp our brand name on it and voila! Justified price!"

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